New Construction Homes for Sale Middleton WI 7
New Construction Homes for Sale Middleton WI 7

Future Neighborhoods at Bishops Bay

To follow are brief overviews of Bishops Bay’s four future neighborhoods. If you have questions, or would like to speak with us about any of our neighborhoods, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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You may have just found your happy place. The Woods includes twenty (that’s right, just twenty) elegant new construction homes tucked away amidst large plots of gorgeous, lush woodland. This is a place where your home and your weekend getaway are one in the same. Where coffee on your front porch makes you feel like you’re at a posh mountain resort. And where privacy is blissfully in full supply.

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We simply refuse to use the words “generation gap”. This is a neighborhood that relishes diversity, applauds birthdays of all numbers, and believes that people of different ages make the most exquisitely interesting neighbors. So here, you’ll find beautiful multi-family new construction homes and senior housing not far from a richly vibrant community dedicated to independent living. All nicely connected by winding streets and walkways that inspire all kinds of wonderful multi-generational friendships.

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This perfect little neighborhood is a place just right for families of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find warm, welcoming new construction homes that are unique and personable arranged to invite kids to find their best friends, parents to stop and chat, and neighbors to spend more time being neighborly. Here, you’ll find homes perfectly designed to make everybody feel right at home.

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No commute necessary. Our Town Center is just the right balance of city life, sweet homes and the perfect brew (coffee or pub). Here, you’ll find apartments and attached new construction homes that let you enjoy all the perks of life without a single weekend spent on yard work. You’ll find yourself right in the heart of things with chic, modern homes that offer all the fun of being in the city, and not a single one of the hassles.