About The Community of Bishops Bay


The developer, Terrence Wall, conceptualized The Community of Bishops Bay as a new town; a conservation and master planned community of multiple neighborhoods with all the amenities and benefits of a small town, including a town center, parks, a church, a school, community garden plots, and much more. While the package of amenities is planned over time, The Community started with a record-breaking investment in children’s playground equipment in the new park.

The vision of The Community of Bishops Bay is to bring back the traditional and historical styles and forms of living in Wisconsin, where there is not only a mix of land uses, but a myriad of ways to connect with the land through a variety of recreational and agricultural activities. The Community of Bishops Bay will re-create small-town Wisconsin, where residents can “age in place.”

The variety of ages and civic spaces will allow residents of varying ages and backgrounds to interact and help each other; as well as architecture and landscape design that grow from local climate, topography, history and building practice to encourage naturally sustainable systems. 

Download the community information brochure here.

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